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Tachogram nuolatos ieško partnerių ar įmonių norinčių tapti produkto atstovais visoje Europoje.

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Dabartinės tachografo duomenų analizės būklė

Tachogram is a solution for digital tachograph data analysis. It's being constantly developed to improve user experience and educate its users on how to read and use tachograph data better. Tachogram also provides a convenient way to calculate salaries and travel allowances, as well as keep track of upcoming file downloads and tachograph calibrations.

Integruokite Tachogram į savo Transporto kontrolės sistemą

Tachogram can be integrated with other GPS tracking platforms seamlessly. If your GPS platform supports DDD file download, it's possible to implement a direct tachograph file upload to Tachogram and retrieve the data from DDD files back to your platform.

Tapkite pardavėju

Tachogram was developed, keeping the reseller model in mind. That means becoming our reseller is quite easy. The Tachogram system has a built-in CRM panel, providing simple client management and billing system. You'll get a very detailed document package for sales training and pitches that will help you to approach and convert your potential leads with ease.

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