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Ojāra Vācieša 6B, Rīga, LV-1004, Latvija

Mūsų istorija

We're a professional team of experienced people, who are curious about the latest trends in technology and willing to work hard to be the first ones to apply them in creating new, innovative products. Tachogram has always been a customer-oriented company and, even though we've grown significantly over the years, our number one priority is still ensuring a personal approach towards all our clients.

Andris Dzudzilo Co-CEO

(+371) 60001308


Ingus Rukis Co-CEO

(+371) 26577422


Agnese Martina Projekto vadovė

(+371) 29449345


Rihards Dziedatajs Konsultantas

(+371) 26174748


Jūsų įmonei mes kuriame kompleksinius sprendimus

Our mission is to help companies reduce the costs of fleet maintenance and increase the performance of internal operations. That's why our cooperation with clients and partners doesn't end after the purchase - it continues throughout constant development of our system, regular communication and feedback and personal approach to our clients' individual needs.

Tiesiog ledkalnio viršūnė

Tachogram is a part of the Draugiem Group - an international IT company association with HQ in Riga, Latvia and offices in Barcelona, California and North Carolina. The team of 350 employees have built over 10 world-class businesses that have made headlines in Techrunch, Forbes and more.

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