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Nuskaitykite savo vairuotojo kortelę su Tachogram programa

This is a modern and unique solution designed for those drivers who use digital tachograph in their daily duties. It's a result of many discussions we've had with our clients, that helped us to understand the most important issues they're facing and offer an innovative solution to solve them.

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Parsisiųskite savo kortelės duomenis bet kur ir bet kada.

You won't have to make any stops at gas stations just to download your card data anymore. Use a simple card reader and Tachogram mobile application to download your data, whenever you need to.

Prietaisų skydas, kuris rodo viską

All the information from the application is showcased in a simple dashboard that helps to conveniently oversee the remaining working and resting periods, driver's performance and improve the work planning process and safety on the road.

Žiūrėti visus pažeidimus

You'll have one simple screen to overview all the violations of legislation, follow the download periods, remaining driving time etc.

Atsisiųsti kortelės duomenis su standartiniu kortelių skaitytuvu

You don't have to spend a fortune to get an expensive card reader. Instead, order a simple one that you can just plug into your smartphone and download the driver's card data on the go.

Gaukite Tachogram kortelių skaitytuvą

Analizuokite savo kasdienius duomenis

Follow your daily driving and resting periods on a specially designed "Activities" section. Older records will be also available in this section.

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