User-friendly Tachograph App for Drivers

Tachogram offers easy driver file download and analysis, which provides insights on activities, infringements, and more - perfect to ensure compliance with EU driving and rest time regulations!

Benefits of our tachograph app for drivers

Driver card download anytime, anywhere

Don't waste valuable rest time to fulfil administrative obligations. Download your driver card data on the go and get instant access to all your driving information.

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Highly detailed activity graph

View detailed daily and weekly activity graphs to easily follow up on your driving-rest times, countries you've been to, infringements, and more!

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Digital tachograph compliance

Tachogram incorporates up-to-date EU rules such as the Working Time Directive, Reg. No 561/2006 and the Mobility Package, so you can ensure compliance and don't have to worry about roadside checks.

Remaining working time

Forget about counting your work hours - our drivers hours app automatically calculates your remaining working time and keeps track of daily, as well as weekly rest periods.

Card download dates and unlimited storage

Get notified about upcoming file download deadlines and store all your historical files in a secure space that you can access anywhere, anytime!

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Infringement analysis and explanations

Keep track of your infringements and risk rating, showing you when and which EU driving and rest time rule has been broken.

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Tachogram subscription plans

3.99 EUR
per month
For 1 month
Save 12%
3.49 EUR
per month
For 3 months
Save 25%
2.99 EUR
per month
For 6 months

Start using Tachogram

You need three things to download and analyse your driver card data.

A mobile device with the Tachogram app

You can install our tachograph app on most mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Head to Google Play and Huawei App Gallery for Android devices, or App Store for iOS devices, register, and get started!

A tacho card reader*

Most card readers are compatible with Tachogram - we suggest trying out the one you already have.

An active internet connection

Your mobile device must have access to mobile data or WiFi connection.

How to download driver card data

Use your mobile device and tacho card reader:

  1. Open the Tachogram app;

  2. Connect the card reader to your mobile device

  3. Place your driver card in the card reader;

  4. Press Download in the app;

  5. Wait for the download to finish and safely remove your card reader.

What do our clients say?


As a driver who had some suspicions about my previous employer sending me infringements for no reason, it was nice to be able to download the card data to my phone to check. It turns out they were getting things wrong! Tachogram comes in useful for checking how many hours you have left per week / 2 weeks whilst at home, so you can plan your days and hours accordingly.


I've only used Tachogram for a short period of time but I can already see the benefits of it showing your 9 week period. It just makes calculating your hours so much easier.


Great for when I'm on the road in Europe and not able to download my tachograph card at HQ. If nothing else, it will prevent me from being fined for not downloading driver card data every 28 days.

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Frequently asked questions

Tachogram is an app for driver’s hours – it analyses your tachograph data to automatically let you know how much you’ve driven, how much work time is left, when to take a rest and so on. Use it to ensure compliance with EU driving and rest time regulations.

EU’s heavy goods transport drivers can’t drive all the time – to prevent fatigue-related accidents, rules require them to take rests at specific intervals. To further complicate matters, there are different exceptions and edge cases, when, for example, work time can be expanded.

It’s possible to keep track of all this manually, but a far easier solution is to use a tachograph app like Tachogram. With it, you can download driver card data, which will then be analysed, providing you information about when to drive, rest, download driver card data, what infringements you caused and more – all in compliance with the EU rules and regulations!