Tachogram is launching e-mail integration

We at Tachogram believe that integration and automation are the future and the next logical step of fleet management and overseeing your digital tachograph compliance.

We have developed quite a few integrations with various products and today we’re adding one more – e-mails.

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Changes to fines for commercial drivers in the UK: Tachogram can help you avoid them

Rules in the UK will be changed, so lorry, bus and coach drivers who drive tired will be fined for every time they’ve done it in the last 28 days. From 1 November, The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) can fine drivers up to £300 if they spend their full weekly rest break in their vehicle in places where it causes a problem, such as suburban areas. They can also be prosecuted or have their vehicle immobilised.

At the moment, DVSA can only fine drivers for:

  • offences committed that day;
  • ongoing offences, like manipulating tachograph records, which record drivers’ hours.

However, DVSA traffic examiners will be given new powers to issue on-the-spot fines for any drivers’ hours offences committed in the last 28 days.

So it can get quite tricky…

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Tachogram Android application update for transport managers

We have launched a new update to our Tachogram mobile application. Initially we developed the application with drivers in mind, now we’re launching an update that includes features also for transport managers. The new application version includes a dashboard for managers, as well as vehicle and driver sections.

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What does the tachograph driver card error “Last card session was not closed correctly” mean?

There are quite a few digital tachograph card events and faults that drivers ignore until they run into trouble. Let’s look at one of the most dangerous of them – “Last card session was not closed correctly”.

Read on to find out what does it actually mean, why it might be so dangerous and how Tachogram solves the potential risks by timely alerts to drivers and managers.

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5 most common digital tachograph rule violations

Tachogram has analysed over 70 million hours of working time data and we have noticed some patterns and common mistakes drivers make. Let us introduce the 5 most common mistakes we have identified.

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Educate your drivers using Tachogram and driver debrief feature

Not all drivers are the same. Some of them know all the rules and rule nuances by heart, some of them miss a rule or two, while some – need a lot of guidance and checks to put them on the right track.

Tachogram has several features which help you on the way to managing your driver infringements and getting rid of them as much as possible.

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Why should you care about digital tachograph compliance?

Managing digital tachograph data is required by state authorities and EU regulations. But what are the “hidden” reasons for caring about digital tachograph data? We compiled a list of 4 big reasons. Take a minute to read them and probably you will never think the same about the need to manage digital tachograph data.

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Set up alerts and never miss a download or expiration date

Keeping track of dates is one of the most important things when ensuring you or your company is fully compliant with digital tachograph rules.

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Tachogram for Android is now available

For the past several months we have been developing a unique addition to Tachogram – an Android application. The application not only allows you to view your infringements, access your digital tachograph files, but also adds several new features which are especially useful for drivers.

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Digital tachograph analysis for drivers

We at Tachogram believe that not only companies care about digital tachograph compliance but also drivers. That is the main reason why in addition to company accounts we also provide an option for drivers to use the most critical features of the product on a private basis.

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