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Tachogram is a complete solution for managing your digital tachograph compliance and using digital tachograph data for other business processes of your company

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How to get started with Tachogram?

1. Card reader

Buy the Tachogram card reader or use your own

2. Download driver card data with the Tachogram app

Use the Tachogram app to download, oversee and analyse your data.

3. Start analyzing your driver's card data

Analyse the data on your phone or computer.

How does it work?

Tachogram is a web application for digital tachograph file analysis. The usage is very straightforward. Gather the data using remote automatic download or downloading files by hand, upload it to Tachogram and analyse the data on the go. Tachogram helps to find infringements, keep track of download deadlines and vehicle calibrations, and improve many other business processes.

For Drivers

If you are willing to keep track of your infringements, download periods and remaining driving time

For Companies

Tachogram is suited for all sizes of companies - from small to enterprise grade companies.

Total hours analysed

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Easy data transfer

Remotely download tachograph data and analyse it using Tachogram platform. Convenient solution for drivers to download their card data anytime and anywhere.

Make sure your employees don't violate EU regulations

Easily monitor your tachograph compliance in order not to violate EC regulation No 561/2006 about driving times and resting periods and European Union's Working Time Directive minimum standards; in order to minimize the possibility of receiving large fines for breaching these sets of rules that affect all companies and drivers.

Receive alert notifications

Get notified about upcoming download deadlines, card expiration dates and upcoming calibration deadlines. System notifications and emails will ease the planning to ensure no deadlines are missed.

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