Tachograph Download and Analysis Tool

Tachogram is a complete solution for tachograph downloads and analysis. Use a simple mobile app and a tacho card reader, or an integration to ensure compliance with EU rules - from upcoming rest times to tacho download due dates!

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Tachogram for drivers

  • Download driver card data with a phone and a card reader

  • Never miss another tachograph data download deadline

  • Keep in line with all EU driving and rest time regulations

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Tachogram for businesses

  • Download tachograph files easily with multiple methods

  • Comply with EU tacho download and driving-rest time rules

  • Overview driver infringements and risk ratings, debrief them

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How does it work?

Tachogram is an easy-to-use tool for digital tachograph data analysis, available as an app and a web platform.

First, you download driver data using our app and a card reader, or integrations (which also support vehicle files). Then Tachogram uploads and analyses it, providing clear insights from infringements to tachograph calibrations.

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Two ways to use Tachogram

Tachogram mobile app

Our tachograph app is mostly used by drivers to download their driver card data and access information on driving and rest times, activities and infringements on the go.

Tachogram web platform

Usually used by managers and company owners to:

  • overview the driver and vehicle data download status

  • oversee driver activities and potential infringements

  • download reports that are useful for accounting

Download driver card with the app

Download driver card files on the go with a tacho card reader, Tachogram app, and an internet connection. Then check out main data, such as remaining work time, upcoming rest periods, and recent activities.


Connect card reader

Connect card reader

Insert driver card

Insert driver card

View data

View data

Integrations with external systems

Import tachograph files

Set up an integration that automatically uploads driver and vehicle files to Tachogram for analysis. Our tachograph software provides FTP file uploads, as well as API and email integrations.

Send data to your platforms

Use API integration to send a variety of ready-to-use Tachogram data to your company's systems, such as accounting software. Supported data includes driver work times, kilometers driven, violations, countries visited, and more.

What do our clients say?


Tachogram helps us to follow our driver and vehicle download periods as well as tachograph calibration due dates. We also use it as a safe tachograph file storage outside of our premises.


With the introduction of Tachogram, dispatchers and logistics staff find it 10 times easier to plan work times – if not more!


Great for when I'm on the road in Europe and not able to download my tachograph card at HQ. If nothing else, it will prevent me from being fined for not downloading driver card data every 28 days.


As a driver who had some suspicions about my previous employer sending me infringements for no reason, it was nice to be able to download the card data to my phone to check. It turns out they were getting things wrong! Tachogram comes in useful for checking how many hours you have left per week / 2 weeks whilst at home, so you can plan your days and hours accordingly.

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Frequently asked questions

Tachogram provides a 30 day free trial to check out how our tachograph download and analysis tool works. After that, there’s a monthly subscription – find details on our pages for individual drivers and companies.

Tachographs and driver cards are used in the EU to record driving and rest time data of heavy vehicle drivers. Tachograph analysis turns that raw data into clear insights and conclusions that help ensure compliance with EU rules. For example, total accumulated driving time during any two consecutive weeks shall not exceed 90 hours. A tachograph data analysis tool like Tachogram will calculate how close you are to the limit and warn you accordingly.

The same applies to companies – to avoid large fines, tachograph data should be analysed regularly and uncovered infringements discussed with drivers.

To download data from a driver card, you’ll need a tacho card reader and software such as Tachogram. Connect the card reader to a mobile device, insert the driver card into the reader, then open Tachogram and tap Download. The app will do its magic automatically!

For companies, there is another way to download tachograph data. Tachogram can be connected to software that downloads data remotely using an advanced GPS tracking device. Mapon platform, for example, provides a remote tachograph download solution.

Each driver has to download their driver card data every 28 days, while each vehicle’s data has to be downloaded every 90 days. With Tachogram, you’ll get notified about upcoming file download deadlines and have a secure storage space for tachograph file backup and management. If necessary, you can access files easily.