Devices That Work With Tachogram

With the ever-growing amount of devices available on the market, it can get difficult to understand which ones are compatible. The good news is that Tachogram works with most iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as most tacho card readers!

Supported mobile devices

We can't know if the Tachogram app works with every new device. We do, however, give you the option to confirm that your device is compatible by doing tests and updating our database with the latest information.

We've tested nearly 2000 devices, but it's not a complete list. Even if not mentioned, your device will still most likely work with our tachograph analysis app!

Compatible card readers

Tachogram app works with most Android tachograph card readers you can get at electrical goods stores or online. However, we know only one card reader compatible with iOS devices.

To avoid compatability issues, we offer two tacho card readers that will definitely work with any driver card and the Tachogram app.

Frequently asked questions

There are several reasons why this might happen. It could be as simple as the driver card being inserted into the card reader incorrectly, a simple glitch, or weak internet signal. However, if you're trying to upload files from a new mobile device or using a new card reader, there's a small, but fairly possible chance that either device is incompatible with the Tachogram app.

Yes! The card reader isn’t assigned to an individual driver, so you can share it with your colleagues freely. However, not all card readers work with the Tachogram app, so we suggest checking out this list of Tachogram-friendly vendors or using the original Tachogram card reader for the best user experience.

No. Each private account is personalised to a specific driver, so that only your driver card data is gathered and analysed.