Complete Tachograph Software for Companies

Tachogram is a full tachograph software for businesses to effectively manage their digital tachograph data – ensuring EU rule compliance, driver activity monitoring and infringement analysis.

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Benefits of our tachograph software for companies

One software for tacho download and analysis

Tachogram provides tachograph data downloads and analysis on the same platform. Use card readers, integrations, or manual uploads to bring data to our tachograph software and receive insights instantly.

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Integration of all EU laws and regulations

Tachogram is based on European Union laws and regulations related to tachographs and driver safety. Easily ensure compliance, follow daily and fortnightly driving times, keep track of daily and weekly rest periods, plus protect your business from undue fines.

EU laws

In-depth activity graph

The activity graph is Tachogram's most widely used feature as it provides a clear overview of each driver's activities in a simple timeline. Different indicators, colours and timestamps highlight the most important data throughout a selected period.

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Infringements and driver debrief

Tachogram registers driver infringements and provides options, such as event print-out and comments, to educate your employees on how to avoid repeating violations. In some cases, when a driver is fined, your business may be exempt from liability if you prove that you've done proper instructing.

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Detailed reports

Our digital tachograph software converts data to convenient reports - precise work and rest periods, separate daily and nightly work hours, and other important details, such as time spent in different countries.

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Download tachograph data with integrations

Access all features and reports to oversee drivers, such as their activities, work times, and infringements. Import vehicle and driver files with integrations, or upload via computer, if you collect files locally.

API integration

Connect Tachogram to a remote tachograph download provider via API

E-mail integration

Set up an email address that receives tachograph files, which Tachogram will access

FTP file upload

Upload tachograph data to Tachogram using external FTP systems

Different user types and access rights


Admins have full access to all information.


Managers can view all drivers / vehicles, or, if you have a large team - create and assign specific groups to their supervisors.


Kiosk is a separate user account that only allows file upload and is used as a sole stationary alternative to driver card downloads on the go.


Drivers can view their personal information in their accounts.

Two ways to use Tachogram

Tachogram mobile app

Our tachograph app is mostly used by drivers to download their driver card data and access information on driving and rest times, activities and infringements on the go.

If your team uses kiosk for file uploads or integrations with third-party systems, your drivers will still have access to their profile and data from the most recent upload.

Tachogram web platform

Usually used by managers and company owners to:

  • overview the driver and vehicle card download status

  • oversee driver activities and potential infringements

  • download reports that are useful for accounting

The web platform also supports manual file uploads, in case they were downloaded in a different way.

Tachogram subscription for companies

Tachogram for companies includes features to ensure tachograph compliance of your whole fleet, including infringement analysis, driving and rest time reports, as well as tacho download and calibration reminders. It also supports vehicle file management via integrations.

Client experience

Edgars UNA-L Ltd., Board Member
Thanks to Tachogram, over the last four years we have been able to work without any data download violations.
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Artūrs RMC-Transports Ltd., CEO
With the introduction of Tachogram, dispatchers and logistics staff find it 10 times easier to plan work times – if not more!
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Frequently asked questions

Tachograph data are analysed with special tachograph software, such as Tachogram. It converts raw information into usable insights and graphs. Those will help your company be compliant with EU rules and avoid fines.

You can either ask your drivers to install the Tachogram app, connect their mobile device to a card reader, then download driver card data to be analysed, or use an integration with remote tachograph download service provider such as Mapon, which will automate the process.

EU rules state that, in general, the transport company is held responsible for the infringements of their drivers. However, there are exceptions – if the business can show that at the time of the offence the driver’s work was being organised in full consideration of the rules. This includes:

  • No payments were made that encouraged breaches;

  • Work was properly organised;

  • The driver was properly instructed;

  • Regular checks were made.

A safe way to prove that a transport company properly and regularly instructs its drivers, is by using tachograph software like Tachogram. It provides multiple ways to establish accountability:

  • Comment on specific infringements in the Risk Rating section;

  • Print a Driver Debrief document with notes about the driver and offences committed.

Both types of documents can be signed, making them legally binding and usable to show that the company did proper instructing.