What is Tachogram?

Tachogram is a complete solution for managing your digital tachograph compliance and using digital tachograph data for other business processes of your company, like salary calculation, travel allowance calculation and maintenance tasks of your vehicles and digital tachographs.


Tachogram is here to help you with multiple aspects of your digital tachograph data.

Manage digital tachograph compliance

Be sure that you stay compliant with digital tachograph rules.
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Risk rating

Rank your drivers by risk index and see who you should pay attention to.
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Violation trends

View overall statistics about violations for the past 28 days in a single chart
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Driver debrief

Debrief your drivers with exact explanations on what they violated.
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Store your digital tachograph files in our archive and retrieve them as needed, keep track which vehicle or driver files should be downloaded to stay compliant.
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Automated payroll calculation

Automate your payroll calculation from digital tachograph files. Just upload the files and we will prepare the driver payroll for your needs.
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Travel allowances

Calculate travel allowances based on shift start/end countries entered in digital tachograph.
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Plan remaining work time

Upload your driver DDD files to get insights about the remaining driving times for each of your drivers.
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Data access via API

Access raw data as well as reports directly from your IT system via our REST API. The API supports various output formats - JSON, XML, PDF, XLS.
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Customer Reviews

Here is what customers have to say about us

We use Tachogram to control how our drivers manage their work/rest times. Tachogram has helped us understand the blind spots in tachograph ruleset for drivers, educate them and thus avoid penalties if they encounter a control on roadside. .
Girts, Charterway, CEO
Tachogram helps us to follow our driver and vehicle download periods as well as tachograph calibration due dates. We also use it as a safe tachograph file storage outside of our premises.
Ernests, Company Sinor, CEO

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