Read Your Driver Card with Tachogram APP

This is a unique and innovative solution for all drivers who have to deal with tachograph in their work. We have talked with many clients and understand the main problems drivers face to create the best solution for you. Tachogram App is available on Google Play.

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Download Your Card Data anytime, anywhere

Eliminate the need of visiting gas stations just to download your card data. Now you can download your card data anywhere - using a simple card reader and Tachogram app.

Dashboard that shows it all

Tachogram automatically calculates remaining working time taking into account all different aspects Follow your remaining driving time, daily and weekly rest times and other useful information about remaining limits in one simple dashboard.

See All violations

Keep track of your infringements, download periods and remaining driving time in one simple application screen.

Download Card Data with a standard Card Reader

No need to use expensive and inconvenient card reading devices. All you need now is a standard card reader - plug it in your phone and start downloading card data on the go.

€ 14.95

Our card reader

Track your daily data with activities

Follow your daily data about your driving and rest periods. You can also check activity data about previous days.

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