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7 card readers that work with Tachogram app

7 card readers that work with Tachogram app

One of the best Tachogram features is that it doesn't require an expensive card reader to keep track of and analyse your driver card data. A simple smart card reader that's connected to your Android smartphone will be just enough to enjoy all the Tachogram app has to offer - from remaining driving time calculation to notifications about any infringements made according to international legislation. However, not all card readers are supported by the app, therefore we've created a list of 7 most popular vendors whose card readers can currently be used with Tachogram app. Compatibility with other smart card readers makes Tachogram app a very easy-to-use and budget-friendly solution. While this means that you don't necessarily need Tachogram driver card reader to use the app and its features, having a full package will ensure the best user experience. Just to explain, not every card reader supports functionality that our app has. Therefore, we advise you to check the following list of the Tachogram-friendly vendors and card readers, before you make the decision to purchase our card reader. Tachogram app can be used with card readers from these 7 companies:

  1. OmniKey AG (CardMan 3121, CardMan 3021, CardMan 1021, CardMan Smart@Link and CCID Smart Card Reader)

  2. Advanced Card Systems, Ltd (ACR38 SmartCard Reader, ACR39U)

  3. SCM Microsystems, Inc. (SCR35xx Smart Card Reader, uTrust 2700 R Smart Card Reader, SCR355 SmartCard Reader)

  4. Gemalto (GemPC Twin SmartCard Reader)

  5. Cherry GmbH (SmartTerminal XX44)

  6. Realtek Semiconductor Corp. 

  7. VASCO Data Security International (Digipass 905 SmartCard Reader)

Any of the brands and devices mentioned above will ensure you have the full list of Tachogram app features available. However, there's one thing that may hold you back from using the app, regardless of the type of card reader you have. To clarify, in case you have a Samsung smartphone with USB Type-C, you need a special adapter to connect it with the card reader. Unfortunately, none of the card readers will work with the original manufacturer’s adapter. If that’s the case, you can either purchase a Micro USB to USB Type-C OTG adapter separately or get a Tachogram card reader with the adapter included in the package. For all that, if you don’t need a USB Type-C adapter for your smartphone, but aren’t quite sure that the app will work with your existing card reader and it's not mentioned in the list above, you can download the app from Play Store and start a 30-day free trial to test your driver card reader compatibility with the app. Statistics show that most of our clients have chosen the full package - using Tachogram app with our own smart card reader. If you want to get one for yourself, too, order the card reader on our website and we'll deliver it to you in one to four weeks time, depending on your location. Moreover, if you've already tried the app and want to keep using it along with the original Tachogram card reader, there's a very nice package deal available, including a 6-month subscription with 40% discount. New to Tachogram? Learn more about the data graphs and analysis in our blog!