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Tachogram now available for iOS devices

Tachogram now available for iOS devices

According to AppleInsider, there are currently over 1 billion iPhone's in active use worldwide, making Apple a runner-up to Samsung in mobile vendor market shares in Europe. As a business, we seek to make our service accessible to as many people as possible. We believe that the launch of Tachogram for iOS mobile devices brings us one step closer to this goal.

The road to the Tachogram iOS app

“So far Tachogram has only been available on Google Play and Huawei App Gallery, thereby reachable only for Android device users. However, for some time now we've been getting inquiries from clients, especially business owners, asking whether Tachogram can accommodate Apple devices, too,” says Project manager and coordinator of the iOS project at Tachogram Līva Gundega Ermansone.

“We want to make Tachogram accessible to each and every person on the road, regardless of their mobile device. Thus, considering the size of the market of iOS mobile devices and in response to popular client demand, we made the decision to bring the Tachogram app to iOS platform as well,”

she explains.

What can you expect from features on Tachogram iOS?

At this stage the Tachogram iOS mobile app offers only it's most widely used feature - digital tachograph card data download. After uploading your driver card data, you will be able to use the rest of the Tachogram features, see and manage all of your data by logging in to your account from our web-based platform. It is here that you will be able to see your remaining driving time and rest times, which Tachogram calculates automatically, when the driver card data is uploaded.

Drivers can also benefit from tachograph data storage, activity graph and different reminders making sure you don't miss data download periods or card expiration dates.

Businesses using Tachogram can look forward to additional features such as data access via API, FTP and e-mail, violations trends and risk rating, reports and explanations on infringements, driver debrief, reports for salary calculations and driver allowances.

A card reader for your iOS device

To download digital tachograph data on-the-go, both iOS and Android users need a card reader. The iOS card reader differs in a way that its connector is specially designed to fit an iOS device port, making it unique to them. As of now, only the Tachogram card reader will be compatible with your iOS device. If you'd like to get an iOS device compatible card reader from Tachogram, there's a limited number available on our website.

If you're new to Tachogram, we have even more great news! Just the same as for Android users, you get a 30 day free trial period so that you can experience the solution benefits first hand!

Next steps for Tachogram iOS

The Tachogram team has taken its first step in making Tachogram available to iOS device users. However, compared to the Android version of the mobile app, it is currently limited in functionality. “At the moment we are fast at work on making the activity graph available in the iOS app since it is one of the most widely used features among our users,” says Līva. Thereby you can expect more of the Tachogram features right now available through the web-based platform to be accessible also on your iOS mobile app.

Our goal is to develop the same functionality for both Android and iOS mobile apps, so that everyone can experience the best Tachogram has to offer. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with app updates and other Tachogram news.