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Tachogram is for Drivers and Fleet Managers

Tachogram is a complete solution for managing your digital tachograph data using a simple mobile application and driver card reader. Read and analyse your data any place, any time!

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Main Features

  • Digital Tachograph Compliance
  • Violation Trends and Risk Rating
  • Mobile Application
  • Driver Debrief
  • Download archive
  • Reports for salary calculations
  • Travel Allowances
  • Plan Remaining Work Time
  • Data Access via API

Digital Tachograph Compliance

Avoid the risks of your employees violating the EC regulations. Tachogram allows you to monitor digital tachograph compliance, following the daily and fortnightly driving times and keeping track of the daily and weekly rest periods. That way you'll be able to reduce the possibility of getting a large fine for your company.

Working Time Directive

Tachogram also helps to monitor and follow the general European Union Working Time Directive to ensure the drivers observe the law and minimum requirements regarding their health and safety are met.

Remaining Work Time

Tachogram provides an automatic calculation of the driver's remaining working time, as well as keeps track of daily and weekly resting periods. All the information is showcased in a simple dashboard that helps to conveniently oversee the driver's performance, improve the work planning process and safety on the road.

Archive Downloaded Files

Tachogram will provide a secure storage space for tachograph file backup and management. Nevertheless, it will ensure an easy access to them anytime from any location.

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Receive Alert Notifications

Get notified about upcoming file download deadlines, card expiration and calibration dates. Alerts in the system and email will ease the work planning process and ensure no deadlines are missed.

Reports for salary calculations

Tachogram will eliminate the need to calculated drivers' payroll manually. The solution collects precise data on working and resting periods, separates daily and nightly working hours and takes important details into account, such as countries the driver has passed through etc.

Travel Allowances

Easy-to-calculate travel allowances, based on the start and end locations of the drivers' shifts. The solution will save you time spent on calculating travel allowances manually.

Data Access via API

Create personalised API integrations to automate payroll calculation, tachograph calibration planning and introduce other custom-made features to save your time and company's resources.

Start Your 30-day Free Trial Now!