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Tachogram is launching e-mail integration

Tachogram is launching e-mail integration

We at Tachogram believe that integration and automation are the future and the next logical step of fleet management and overseeing your digital tachograph compliance. We have developed quite a few integrations with various products and today we're adding one more – e-mails.

Why an e-mail integration?

The answer is straightforward – it is one of the most simple ones possible and one of the most widely available in terms of tachograph solutions. There are a lot of remote data download solutions, which allow you to forward data to your e-mail address. Why not forward the data to a Tachogram e-mail address and process the files automatically? Let's take Teltonika remote digital tachograph solution TachoWeb as an example. After you set up a schedule for your remote file download, there's an option to enter e-mail where to forward the downloaded files.  Entering your unique e-mail address will lead to forwarding the files for analysis. Needless to say, this will save time and streamline the often inconsistent handling of files.  

The Setup

Setting up e-mail integration couldn’t be simpler: First, go to your Tachogram account settings and open Integrations section. Scroll down and you'll see a unique e-mail address. Copy the email address and paste it into your remote download solution settings. And that’s it, easy as pie! Now you can receive card data to a Tachogram e-mail address. All it takes is a few easy steps and you are ready to potentially save a lot of time in the future! Keep updated with our new solutions and developments! We aim to improve our user experience and are looking forward to receiving feedback!