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Tachogram Yearly Review

Tachogram Yearly Review

2023 has been exceptional — for us and our clients. As the Tachogram client base grew, you drove more kilometres, downloaded more tachograph files and analysed more driving and rest hours than ever before. In fact, the total distance driven by Tachogram users reached 2.09 billion kilometres!

In the meantime, we were improving our reports, releasing major updates for Tachogram mobile apps and overall making our services better.

Let’s take a look back at what happened in 2023 and discuss what’s coming in 2024!

How you used Tachogram

Tachogram helps drivers and companies be safe by providing data on driving and rest times, which lets users avoid fatigue and fines. And that’s exactly what we did – we were trusted by 1327 companies and 2449 private drivers to analyse 497.99 million driver and vehicle hours in 2023, which also revealed 5.8 million infringements. Santa says you were the naughtiest in these situations (in millions):

Worker sitting in cabin of a heavy vehicle with a phone in hand and smiling.

We strongly suggest talking to your drivers and providing comments about infringements in Tachogram!

To make sure everyone’s playing by the rules, the EU regulations require regular tachograph data downloads. And you delivered – the total amount of driver file downloads was 3.5 million, while those of vehicle files – 4.9 million. 

Improved features

Tachogram is not just a one-and-done solution, we improve it constantly. Here’s how our tachograph software got better in 2023:

  • Three new Tachogram reports saw the light of day, two of which (Driver return to base and Vehicle return to base) will help you plan trips back to the home country in time to avoid infringements. The third one, Locking information provides valuable locking data when vehicles change owners.
  • We rolled out a massive update to the Tachogram Android app, especially improving its dashboards, which help you get the most important information quicker. This includes upcoming card expiration dates and a better driver infringement graph for fleet managers, as well as additional prediction blocks for drivers. The iOS app was also enriched with a new Vehicles section that business users can use to check out download status and calibration dates for any vehicle.
  • The infringement management solution lets you add comments to infringements as a driver (explaining the situation) or fleet manager (educating drivers) – it also serves as proof of the instructing process.
Tachogram main dashboard as seen on a mobile device and a computer.

Authority in tachograph-related topics

In addition to providing the tachograph analysis solution itself, the Tachogram team strives to inform drivers and company representatives about our product and the industry at large. That’s why we delivered information about the Mobility Package and the Smart Tachograph v2, a tour of our platform’s 2023 version, as well as the success story of RMC-Transports, who – spoiler alert – saved hundreds of hours previously spent on administrative tasks just by starting to use Tachogram.

As 2023 winds down, we’re excited to see what 2024 holds. Tachogram project manager Līva might have some clues – check out her thoughts below!

Looking forward to 2024

These past few years have been full of changes in the tachograph industry, and 2023 was no exception – companies started using the Smart Tachograph version 2. This new tachograph is now mandatory for newly registered vehicles as of August 21, 2023. 

Though we are already busy with exploring the new functionality these tachographs offer, we must prepare for the changes coming in 2024

Some of you might still be using analogue or digital tachographs, but next year, if your vehicles are engaged in international road transport, these tachographs must be replaced with the Smart Tachograph version 2 by December 31, 2024

What’s more – currently drivers must be able to provide information on their working and rest periods for the current day and the previous 28 days, but after December 31, 2024, the number of days will change to 56.

2024 will be an active year – both for us and you. The new tachographs will bring new data to work with, so the Tachogram team will be busy creating new features and helping you manage your tachograph data even better.

The Tachogram team wishes you a great 2024!