Data security is just as important as data accuracy and clarity. That’s why at Tachogram we’ve taken it seriously since the beginning by implementing various security measures and continuously improving them. 

Recently, Mapon Latvia, of which the Tachogram team is a part of, received the ISO 27001 certificate to showcase our accomplishments in data protection. The ISO 27001 standard is a set of internationally recognized requirements for establishing, implementing and improving an organisation’s information security management system. It also features the requirements for assessing and treating information security risks according to the best practices. 

Tachogram Project Manager Līva Gundega Ermansone speaks more about what this news means to Tachogram users and team:

“The certification does not change the way we process our user data, rather it’s a way for us to show our clients we’re handling their data in a safe manner. We’ve always paid a lot of attention to that and it simply seemed like the time to make our internal security measures verifiable.”

In case you have any additional questions about the ISO 27001 standard and certificate, feel free to get in touch with us via