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Tachogram for Android is now available

Tachogram for Android is now available

For the past several months we have been developing a unique addition to Tachogram - an Android application. The application not only allows you to view your infringements, access your digital tachograph files, but also adds several new features which are especially useful for drivers.

Download your driver card with your Android phone or tablet

For the past couple of years Android ecosystem has developed and nowadays Android smartphones and tablets support external devices including smart card readers. Keeping this in mind we had a vision of driver doing driver card downloads using his phone or tablet whenever he wants. After several months of development, we're proud to offer you an inexpensive and time effective way for your driver card downloads. Just attach a smart card reader to your phone or tablet and do a download (you might also need a USB OTG adapter). Please note that not all devices are supported (both - phones/tablets and smart card readers). To help you with this - we're constantly updating our list of supported devices and card readers.

Remaining driving time

No matter how hard drivers try to follow the regulations, there are situations when rules are violated. Tachogram for Android allows you to do card downloads anytime. After the download is done, the file is sent to Tachogram system for analysis. After analysis, the driver is presented with remaining driving time estimations - the number of reduced rests taken, the number of driving extensions remaining, weekly rest start time, remaining daily driving time, etc.

Downloaded driver card data available to dispatchers

As soon as a driver performs driver card download, the data is sent to Tachogram servers for analysis. Afterwards the data is available not only for the driver, but also for the manager in the office. Tachogram for Android is available on Google Play Store.