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Why should you care about digital tachograph compliance?

Why should you care about digital tachograph compliance?

Managing digital tachograph data is required by state authorities and EU regulations. But what are the "hidden" reasons for caring about digital tachograph data? We compiled a list of 4 big reasons. Take a minute to read them and probably you will never think the same about the need to manage digital tachograph data.

Fines for the driver and company

Fines for driver infringements is the number one reason why you should care about the digital tachograph compliance. Depending on the country your vehicle is driving they can be expensive or very expensive. And by very expensive we mean that. When talking to our customers we have encountered cases with fines reaching even 20 000EUR. Nobody wants to pay that if there is an option to avoid it, right? We are here to help you manage the risk of being fined.

Interrupted operations

Nobody wants to screw up their clients and being able to deliver on promises and deliver cargo in time. Violating digital tachograph rules imposes a risk of prolonged roadside checks and vehicle immobilisation until the fine is resolved, which in turn might lead to a problem of delivering cargo on time. If your papers are clean, you're free to go minutes after the roadside check has been started. Save your time and keep your driver infringements list clean.

Insurance claims

Insurance companies are very strict about checking digital tachograph compliance in case of insurance claims. We have seen several cases with accidents where insurance claims of tens of thousands of euros were denied due to drivers violating working time regulations. This is a huge risk you should be aware of and manage it accordingly.

General road safety

We believe that companies are willing to operate in a way that is safe for the overall traffic, that their drivers make proper rests and start fresh each and every working day. We are here to ensure that this is the case. By using Tachogram you can follow whether your drivers are actually making proper rests and not driving over the limits.