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Educate your drivers using Tachogram and driver debrief feature

Educate your drivers using Tachogram and driver debrief feature

Not all drivers are the same. Some of them know all the rules and rule nuances by heart, some of them miss a rule or two, while some - need a lot of guidance and checks to put them on the right track. Tachogram has several features which help you on the way to managing your driver infringements and getting rid of them as much as possible.

Driver risk score & infringement trend line

Tachogram automatically calculates the risk score of a driver. The risk score is calculated by the number and severity of the infringements within a specified time period. By default - the last 28 days. On Tachogram dashboard you can see drivers ranked by their risk index. As soon as you check the list of drivers with the highest risk index, you know which drivers do you have to educate. Additionally, to the driver risk score, you can also see a company-wide measurement of infringements in a user-friendly chart. You can easily follow whether you are improving as a company or there is a tendency of more and more infringements.

Driver debrief

When talking about driver education we are talking about explaining them the infringements they make and getting their confirmation that they have understood the mistakes they have made and will not repeat them. Tachogram allows you to print out driver debrief forms with their infringements in a given time period and a place for the driver to sign that they have been instructed. Keeping a paperwork like this also protects you as a company in case of serious fines. If you as a company can prove that you are instructing your drivers about the infringements they make, you can avoid the fines for the company in case of trouble. Additionally, the driver debriefs functionality allows you to register the debrief events in the system and later on you can easily see whether the same drivers are having problems again and whether they are improving.

Grant access to data to your drivers

One of the basic ideas behind Tachogram is giving the right tools to the right persons. Drivers are the ones who need to see and analyse their data on a daily basis. Tachogram allows you to grant access to data to your drivers. Just create a driver account, grant access to the specific driver and let the driver analyse his own data. He won't be able to see data from any other drivers. When talking with drivers this is one of the features they love in Tachogram. Usually, they see their data analysis only once a month when they do their card downloads in their company premises. In order to provide a decent feedback loop and educate your drivers, they have to see their data as often as possible.