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Tachogram Android application update for transport managers

Tachogram Android application update for transport managers

We have launched a new update to our Tachogram mobile application. Initially we developed the application with drivers in mind, now we're launching an update that includes features also for transport managers. The new application version includes a dashboard for managers, as well as vehicle and driver sections.


Tachogram application now includes a dashboard that is identical to the one we have in web application. We believe that transport managers are mobile and need to take the data with them, as of result, we have included everything a transport manager needs in our application. One of the use-cases we had in mind when developing the application was to provide a handy tool to keep track of vehicle file downloads. If you as a transport manager are going around the depot and looking for vehicles to do downloads from, it's very easy now to use a mobile application to check which vehicles you should do the download from. Apart from vehicle download due dates, you can also see vehicle calibration dates, driver download due dates, driver risk score and infringement trends.

Review your driver data

In the previous application version only drivers could review their activity and infringement data. Now we're adding the same features to managers as well. The application includes a dedicated drivers section where you can look up any driver and review his remaining driving time, past activities and infringements.

What's up next?

We're already working on including easy to use WTD (Working Time Directive) charts so that you could track your driver weekly working hours, set vacation days and make sure you stay compliant with WTD.