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5 most frequently asked questions about Tachogram

5 most frequently asked questions about Tachogram

Starting to use a new product may get a bit stressful. There are so many new features to master and, consequently, as many questions on how to do it properly. Whenever you have anything to ask about Tachogram, our Support team is there for you. Now, our Customer Support Team Manager Uldis has gathered the answers to the five most frequently asked questions about Tachogram to help you find what you're looking for even faster!

1. Can multiple people use the same card reader?

Yes. The card reader isn't assigned to an individual driver, so you can share it with your colleagues freely. Yet, not all card readers work with the Tachogram app. Thus we suggest to check the list of Tachogram-friendly vendors here or use the original card reader for the best user experience.

2. Can two drivers use the same account to upload their card data?

If the driver has created a private account, only he can use it by uploading his driver card data.  On contrary, a business account with an unlimited number of driver profiles can be created. In that case, there are three possible options: 1. You're the business account administrator. This role enables you to access all drivers' files and manage the company account. 2. You have your driver profile assigned to the company account you work at. In this scenario, you'll only be able to use the account with your personal driver card. 3. Kiosk - a type of business account that allows multiple drivers to upload their driver card data in one place. After the upload, your driver card data will only be available to the account administrator and in your individual profile.

3. Which devices support the Tachogram app?

Currently, 161 Android smartphones work with the Tachogram app. Nevertheless, we continue testing new devices all the time to keep our this list up-to-date. You can check the compatibility of your device here, or test it yourself, as there might be a possibility that we haven't checked it yet. If you do find that your device is working with Tachogram app, but isn't in our list, please let us know by writing to

4. Why isn't my original USB Type-C adapter working?

In case you have a Samsung smartphone with USB Type-C, you need a special adapter to connect it with the card reader. Unfortunately, none of the card readers will work with the original manufacturer’s adapter. If that’s the case, you can either buy a Micro USB to USB Type-C OTG adapter separately or get a Tachogram card reader with the adapter included in the package.

5. Why do I receive notifications to my email?

Upon registration, default notification settings are set in the system, including receiving them to the provided email address. You can change them at any time in your profile settings under the notifications section. We hope you'll find these answers useful. However, if you have any additional issues, questions or recommendations on how can we improve your user experience, feel free to contact our team via at any time!