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5 frequently asked questions from Tachogram users

5 frequently asked questions from Tachogram users

Tachographs have come a long way from analogue to digital, allowing drivers and their teams in the back-office to account for the driver work hours more efficiently. However, while this part of the job might have gotten a bit easier, even digital tachographs aren't immune to human error. Where do you turn, when you're out on the road and need a quick answer? In this article we'll look at some of the most frequently asked questions by Tachogram users.

1. “Forgot to put my tachograph on break”

One of the most common situations out on the road is forgetting to input break time when you take your required breaks. Sadly, there are no tachographs on the market yet that can predict when, why and for how long you stop, so it's necessary you do it yourself. And while this happens to almost everyone, it doesn't happen very often. So what to do, when it does?

The short answer - you'll need to record this break by hand. 

First, you need to make a print-out from your tachograph. Make sure there's two, as you'll need to hand in one to your manager and hold on to the other one, just in case there's a roadside check. On the back of the printed sheet you write down your activities and the respective times, making sure you use GMT as you do.

2. Manual entry on a digital tachograph

Continuing on the previous question on break times, each time you return from a break and fail to input the data manually in the tachograph, you'll face an incorrect account of your work time and, worst case scenario, a fine. If this is the case, you'll need to make print-outs and record the break on paper. Once again - make sure there are two copies - for you and your manager.

Since there are a lot of different tachograph brands and versions, it's difficult to say exactly how manual data entry is done on a particular device. If you have more questions on this, we advise that you consult with your direct supervisor.

3. One card reader for multiple people

Because Tachogram offers data download on-the-go, there are many questions about the remote downloading process. The key thing to all of this is a card reader, which you can plug into the port of your mobile device and together with the Tachogram mobile app, make the magic happen. 

You can share your card reader with other colleagues or friends, because they're in no way linked to your device or profile, but rather just an accessory for you to use. However, it's important to remember that not all card readers will fit all devices and not all card readers are compatible with Tachogram

So before you make a deal with your friend to split the costs for a card reader, make sure you have the same port on your phones. Plus, for using Tachogram, select one of the compatible readers for Androids or the Tachogram card reader for iOS.

4. One account for multiple drivers to upload data

Tachogram is a platform for both businesses and individuals alike, offering possibilities to download, overview and analyse tachograph data on a regular basis.

For individuals the mechanics are very straight forward. When registering with Tachogram you get an account that's personalised to you, meaning, as you go and start uploading data to your account, all of the accumulated data and results will reflect your individual work.

For businesses the options are a bit broader. While each driver within the business will still only have access to his or her personal account, the managers will be able overview the data on all the drivers from their account. Therefore, all the individual accounts are linked to the business account overseen by the manager, making it possible for multiple drivers to upload files within the same space, but ensuring access only to the respective driver and his manager.

5. Driver card error

Last but not least, the most common error and cause for concern to many Tachogram users is the notification stating that the Last card session was not closed correctly. Put simply, it means that there was a technical issue and the latest data might be missing from your driver card.

If you find yourself faced with these situations and would like to have a point of reference, make sure you save these videos for a day you might need some help. Meanwhile, stay safe, and if this article piqued your interest in Tachogram, take advantage of our 30-day free trial period and try it out for yourself!