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Introducing Tachogram reports for private users

Introducing Tachogram reports for private users

Reports allow you to conveniently view specific data from your driver card file uploads. Until recently, they were only accessible for company fleet managers. Now, we're also making reports available for private users. In total, there are five reports that let you oversee your work times, travel allowances, infringements, risk rating and uploaded file archive. As of right now, they’re only available from the web browser. However, an overview of all the important data from reports will be coming to Android and iOS apps in near future.

Work time reports

Work time reports are great for seeing how much you’ve worked, when you’ve worked and whether all of the hours have been accounted for in your wage. Work time summary in weeks lets you view how much you’ve worked during the day, evening and night each day, while the Work time summary report also adds your rest time, availability, driving time on holidays, the country where each shift has started and ended and total working time summaries for each day and week. What's more, you can export both reports as PDF or Excel files.

Risk rating report for checking your infringements

The Risk rating report lets you see all your EU driving, work and rest time regulation infringements with detailed explanations and assigned level of seriousness. It also shows infringement summary for the selected period and your risk rating changes compared to the previous period. 

The risk rating is a simplified way of seeing how closely you are following the EU regulations. It takes into account all of your infringements in the selected period and how serious each infringement has been.

File archive reports

File archive reports help you manage your driver card files. The DDD archive report lets you download all of your files for a selected period at once. Meanwhile, in the File download summary report you can see any missing file uploads in accordance with EU regulation. Each download covers a 28 day period. In case there are any uncovered days, they’ll show up red making them easy to spot. You can also upload relevant driver card files by simply clicking on the periods with missing files if there are any. 

Travel allowance report

In the Travel allowances report you can see how large is the minimum allowance that your employer is required to pay you out by law, depending on where you’ve ended your shift. For now, it’s only available in Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia. However, we’re working on expanding the reports’ availability for other countries as well. The report is also available in PDF and Excel file formats. 

Report configuration

To make reports fit your needs, you can configure them as you wish in the Report configuration tab in Settings. For work time reports, here you can enable or disable evening time, change when night and evening time starts and ends, as well as set thresholds. You can think of thresholds as exception rules. For example, setting a night time threshold of 5 minutes means that if you’ve driven for 5 minutes or less during night time, this time will not be counted as night time in the report and will instead show up as day time driving, thus simplifying your wage calculation. You can also change which days are considered as workdays and which days are displayed as off-days in the work time reports. 

We hope this article has cleared up how each Tachogram report can help you and how it works. If you have any additional questions about the functionality of the reports, get in touch with us via In case you haven't yet tried out Tachogram, take advantage of our 30-day free trial period.